After watching the game of Nuggets & Lakers. As a mav's fan, I was fully dispointed about the result. Lakers played a disastrous game. Upbeating emotion pushed this once flipping back to the 5th's team went back to the 2nd, and ruthlessly squeezed the mavs down to the 3rd.

Let's refer to some critics about this game from ESPN:

DENVER -- Carmelo Anthony scored 31 points and had a game-saving block at the buzzer, helping the Denver Nuggets hold on for a 98-96 win over a Los Angeles Lakers team playing without Kobe Bryant on Thursday night.

Right, definately Kobe's off tonight might be alluded as an excuse to explain there lost. But what we could see is they,the lakers,played well tonight even without him. Artest knocked  22 points and contributed 6 rebounds & 3 assist tonight, Gasol also harvest 26 points in pocket and a consistently reasibable 13 rebounds. But, at last, they still lost the game.

What im trying to say is mavs cannot stop there pace right here. They still have there chance to pull their advantages back. They had beated Nuggets a week ago and with lost thunders two days ago. But that is not the end this regular season. Still 3 games must be played to stablize her 2nd seed's advantage. But this throne has already robbed by the nuggets, moreover, 2 more teams are still aiming at this place.

A crisis or a cardiac stimulants? I don't know. I will check this out after tomorrow's game.

Anyways, take this chance, or go back home.