Generally to say, i was quite repel to discuss techno based thread with the others online. Reason? Everyone have his/her own idea, sometimes there is no need to compete with each other. But reality seams not so. The day before yesterday, I've involved into a buzz hanging around the use of harmless audio format used to compress anime films. Over that period, finishing the game-Narcissu enthused me and I was opposed to use my computer at Sunday with any excuse, so I decided to login into the site with my cell phone. Accidentally i saw that thread and i just posted some ambiguous words. Afterwards, i found i posted the wrong stuff. Following reply criticized me and i was trying to correct the word i said. But the time i pressed "post button", i decided not to be involved too much with the issue of "jitter","Digital-Analog" and listening feeling. Because I have no arbitral provement to testify my words completely. My parents always warn me as for my arbitrary altitude to anything i believed to be true. I do think so, and most of the times i was tending at sharing my feeling with the others, and thanks to god, in most of the case, not online, I could being perfectly corrected by my friends or my tutor with sufficient provements. But online, how could i say, too much people want to experience this prestigous feeling- overwhelmingly more educated than the others- to oppress the others to get self-esteem. I was not criticized these word to the one who shows opposite ideas to me, in fact, i welcome every words capable to overturn my "philosophy", I love truth the most, but if you were trying to acquire this self-esteem from me, sadly, I think I would like to avoid with this topic. At last, sometimes when discussing about some social or enterprise topics, I might use some extreme words to show my feeling. But anyways, I won't use it to people, especially who would read my words. But today, also accidently, i checked one old post, I found someone criticize me with showing trend of evalating my prestige by quoting "the device of GFW" too much....Faint....Okay, that is my word, we both live in this country, someone without enough power have no posibility to get access to detail of this device. But that is detail, still, we have  ability to get information of the use of this device in the wide range of our ordinary life. The statement I had shown only represent my statement. Im saying any words like "Trust me,guys, this is the truth"? Definately no. Under such condition. I decide one thing. I will never get myself involved with any techno based topic any more. Especially here. If so, I would like to send personal mails to the one I trust to be professor of a specified area. Such behavior will tackle with others who think I post threads with dubious purpose. I will only post techno topics of self generated code in order to optimize the feeling of our online utilization. "Get away from" sometimes be the of my option, now i do trust so.