Well, i must to concede, most of guys who spared there vacation at home will have a good holiday, that was where staycation originated. But today, based on the fact we will be graduated in a couple few weeks, we decide to go out for a small trip. Unfortunately, we didn't check for calender at all before we head off.
So the first target of us today is to using up one ticked granted by one chance to take an experience of a small boat trip within TianJin. The ticket was a so-called "present ticked" being proved to be a trick, presenting with a totally useless contacting number. So when we reached there, we was told the ticket must being exchanged for a prove before we could use it, furthermore, tomorrow is the deadline of its date constriction. So we decide to give up this plan and heading to University of Artist. Ironically, today is Dragon Boat Festival, when we was trying to get access into the school, we were told today is holiday, therefore we were not allowed to come in. What the frack is happening. We had just concurrently seeing couple students coming into the college sporadically. So we were just simply being ignored- or to say discriminated- by the guard. Well, we finally decide to retreat back. After reaching back to my dormitory, i fundamentally decided, never going out for any trip at any dates so-called Chinese festival, is really disastrous. Step