after Getting up,i finished packing my archive up. Uploading files to ftp, and login into the forum for publishing.

After all this process. I've caught one reply of my post couple days ago complaining the banning behavior of my u2 accounts. He quoted one of the explanation of the U2's manager board's word saying that i was banned based on the infringement of cheating of uploading amount. What the hell is that mean, it means i didn't upload that much and cheated the system with codes in order to lift up my uploading amount.

At first. I don't have to do this. I have enough resources to share with. So if i would like to lift up my uploading amount. I could simply picking up some of my files and sharing out with the others. At no means should i do such thing in order to cheat the bandwidth.

Secondly, how suppose could i finishing up such codes just in order to change my own bandwidth?! Local transfer? How stupid i am to do such thing.

Thirdly, I do have a 100M port to transfer my data out. I could just finishing up transfer 1.5T or more within one or two days. Why am i doing so? Any reason?

With no evidence and reason i doing so. How did they criticize me with my uploading behavior?

Sincerely to say. I don't really like to use private tracker. But sometimes i have to. In of country of this earth where law was not completely founded in, there was some person who explaining laws by themselves and deliberately bend the meaning of law at anytime when they have no precise answer to a question. So how could i ever say that? Pessimistic was not a inborn characteristic. But what you undergone defines how you recognize this world. So what i see and what i understood the way to manage this chaos situation was going at the reverse direction. I think that was where desperation originated.

Who will save this country? Who ever knows.....