After getting up, Huge bunch of bot reply was detected by my lovely akismet toolkit. Right this moment, i think, such kind of tool is really adorable, saved me a lot of time to manage my replies. I don't bother to keep those words having negative effect to me but correlative to the theme. But i can't put up with this spams.

So afterwards, i login to one of my favorite forum to share a video stream with friends on it. But amazingly, i found both of my post was deleted, what's more, one of my post was being marked with -30 points.

Well, she told me that i didn't read the rules enough to post this text. But I still got no idea what the hell's problem it is. So i just complain this problem to the superior. Where i got the answer i need. The same theme cannot being posted twice even with different source.

So that is the problem. I should read TOS first and then doing my post action. The problem is, f*cking TOS was written in a really unreadable manner, hardly could anyone finish reading such format text.

Let me just reference to a paragraph of these words:


删帖扣CZ处理! 严重者禁言处理!

不同下载方式但是相同动画禁止开2个主题 即同集单主题不同下载方式用回复方式!否则→删!

Okay, see, that is what they called "Rules", that is what we called "契約",that is what we called "TOS", how informal it is....

Maybe basically because such forum cannot contain such formal manners, maybe because their disobeience could provide them what they called "Superior Feeling", but what we could get is:

A nation cannot live without laws. If law goes informal, who will notice that it is still a law?

Just couple words complains. I don't ever mind anyone criticize me how boring i am. Indeed, i still got a lot of jobs to be done today. But without exert such negative feeling will only frustrate my thought later on.