Dallas, the second seed of the western conference, performed a outstanding strength tonight at home. Sincerely to say, Spurs played a nice game with 47% percent shoot percentage and  a three man combination with a 71 points in pocket. But they didn't stop the cowboys from keep getting points. Nowizki tonight showed out his talent with 12/14 free shots and 12/12 free throw. Under such proficiency, how could they lost the game.

But it was still a standstill game. Before the 4th quarter. The mavs never lead for more than 8 points, within the 3rd quarter, up to six times leading exchange between the mavs and her competitive rival. But after a dagger-alike downtown shooting attempt by Kidd. The mavs lock their leads at 10+ points game in the forth and lock the game.

But under this gorgeous surface, we could get her Achilles' heel back on her bench players. Bench terrorist-Jason Terry, also known as Jet, only scored 5 points with 2/9 shots. Still 1/4 3 point attempt. France little kid Beaubois didn't on the court today, before also had 41 points in pocket during the game a week ago. Still, Najera didn't sign during the game. Here is the key, If Terry keep on performing like this. We could not assume our leaders always being a superstar in the game. So we need them stand up and "surprise" us in a implicitly manner. We need a team basket. That is also the key to success.

But instable performance defined which to be a super star. But Terry is not a role player. He need to stand out even after a surgery couple weeks ago. Simply because we possess the same dream-A Championship. So i believe you will find yourself back and bring us a fabulous game back.